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Terminus X: Teaser

Kyle reached into his right front pocket and pulled out an elongated piece of stone. He held it up for Nash to get a good look at it. It was smooth and solid black, but was like glass. Nash noticed that it was a perfect rectangle; it looks like a brick, a tiny brick. It was definitely not a rock that Kyle just happened to find in the front yard; this thing was man-made; it was too perfect, and only about double the size of a box of matches.

“What’s that?”

“It’s called a Terminus stone. You may hold it if you like.” Kyle held the brick-shaped rock out for Nash to see. He took hold of it and immediately noticed how light it was; there was no weight at all. Nash studied the stone intently. He even held it close to his face, trying to look in it; maybe it was transparent.

"Before we leave here Nash, we're going to place the stone on the grave." Kyle explained.

"You mean like a marker?"

"Yeah exactly; a marker." Kyle agreed. "It's important that we leave the marker because there will be some important people that need to find it.

“What kind of people, who?” Nash asked. Kyle took the Terminus stone from Nash’s hands and began digging into the soft ground, close to the center of the grave.

“Well, they’re not the type of people that are going to be happy to see either one of us.”

He continued to dig. Nash’s eyes grew bigger and he looked off from what Kyle was doing, wondering what had happened to this day. Things seemed to have happened so quickly and now everything was different. My parents are gone and I have nothing left and no where to go. Am I to just follow this guy; trust him?

Kyle had finished digging and placed the Terminus stone into the ground. He covered it, but left the top exposed; it was completely flush with the top of the dirt. He leaned back, now sitting on his knees, and looked at Nash.

“Now comes the hard part.”

“What do you mean?” Nash asked.

“Nash, when we moved your mother out here, I had to take a small sample of blood from her; I mean literally just a few drops. Because your mother is buried here now, I’m going to place that small amount of blood on the Terminus stone. This will activate the stone and make it easy for the grave to be located. I have to do it; I don’t have a choice not to.”

“OK, I believe you. Who are these people you keep referring to?”

Kyle looked back towards the stone, “I promise, I’ll tell you soon.” He looked back to Nash, “But as of right now, we need to hurry and get out of here.”

Nash looked at Kyle with wide eyes and just nodded his head in agreement, OK, he thought.

“Now, there is one more thing.” Kyle said as he reached out towards Nash’s small hand. Nash just watched his hand approach but didn’t or couldn’t seem to do anything; he just watched. Kyle took his hand with his left and laid Nash’s hand upon his own thigh. He moved his hand closer to Nash’s wrist and turned it over so the palm was facing up. Nash just watched, still unable to move and his heart rate was increasing. Nash just stared at his own hand, “What are you going to do?” He whispered.

“Nash, as you know, you were suppose to die also, and the people that are coming here are expecting to see that you’re really dead.”

Nash’s head was beading with sweat and his breathing had increased to short breaths. Every now and then he would flex his hand that Kyle was holding down, gripping at the air, wondering what was about to happen.

“Since you’re not really dead though, we have to make it look that way, at least for the time being.” Kyle explained.

With his right hand, he produced a small pocket knife. Nash never saw him pull it from anywhere; he was so mesmerized by his hand and what might be taking place next. Kyle laid the blade of the knife on top of the pad of Nash’s index finger, then looked at Nash, still holding the knife in position. Nash finally had the courage to look away, and glanced up at Kyle.

“Nash,” Kyle began, and had a small grin on his face. “You’re about to find out that things in this world are not always what they seem.” For just a brief moment, Nash’s face went from frightened to inquisitive. It was at that moment that Kyle’s blade moved with speed and accuracy. Nash winced at the sting the knife created, and looked down to see blood start to ooze from the small cut. Kyle held on to Nash’s wrist as he tried to pull away at first.

“It’s ok kid, I’ve got you. I just need a little bit on top of the stone.” Kyle said as he guided Nash’s hand over the top of the stone. He held the blade of the knife just under Nash’s finger and let the blood slowly flow on to it. Nash just watched in amazement, mouth open and eyes wide.

Kyle then lowered the knife down towards the stone just close enough not to touch it, but close enough to aim a drop of blood into the center of it. Kyle let go of Nash’s wrist and pushed his arm back a little as to not let any more blood drop on the stone than needed. Nash gripped his index finger between his thumb and index finger of his right hand and watched Kyle’s blade intently.

The blood left the tip of the blade and made contact with the stone. It immediately started making what sounded like to Nash, a cooking sound, like something frying in a pan, but very faint. Kyle moved quickly, closed the knife, then reached in his shirt pocket, revealing a small vile with more blood in it. Nash watched. Mom? He thought. Kyle carefully unscrewed the top of the vile and leaned way over on the ground just above the stone. He began tipping the vile over, just to pour a small amount in the same spot as Nash’s blood; he wanted to mix them together. Cassi’s blood made it’s way to the edge of the vile and paused; Kyle tried not to spill too much. Nash’s heart had started beating fast again and Kyle inhaled, holding his breath just to help ease a drop out of the vile. A single drop of blood jumped from the edge and met with Nash’s blood in the top of the stone. The sizzling sound was not as intense, but continued as they mixed together. Kyle slowly sat up; he was sweating and Nash could see it. He looked from Kyle to the stone, then back.

“Is that it? Now what?” Nash said while continuing to hold his finger.

“That’s it kid. Now we get out of here.” Kyle said while screwing the top of the lid back on the vile.

"Where are we gonna go? I mean, we don't even have a car; you mean just start walking? Where will we go?" Kyle stood up and grabbed his jacket which was still propped on top of a shovel.

"Kid, you're going to have to trust me, but I can tell you this; we can't stay here."

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