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Stay Cool

Texas. It’s the second largest state in the United States and home to more than twenty seven million people. It's physically located in the south central position of the country, and shares its borders with Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. For those who love the beach, it’s south eastern border is formed by the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not the clear blue waters of Tahiti mind you, but it’s wet, and you can work on that tan.

I’m proud to say that Texas has been my home for forty seven years now, so all my life is what I’m trying to say. I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon, but don’t get me wrong, I love to travel. I want to see as many places as possible while I’m still given the opportunity to take a breath. However, I know my feet and heart will lead me back to Texas.

Summertime is my favorite season. Being out doors with friends and family cooking out, swimming, or both, these are enjoyable times for me. But, as the fall rolls in along with the weather, it brings a warm feeling to me with the anticipation for the holidays. It’s now becoming that time of year again and I’m happy about it. There is almost an indescribable feeling when the holidays approach. Everyone has experienced it. Everyone seems a little nicer, or if they don’t, maybe we just become more patient with each other. Regardless of what it really is, it’s nice.

Texas never ceases to amaze me, especially the weather. You never know what the weather is going to do, and in my own opinion, neither do the meteorologists. Sometimes they do call it pretty close, but most of the time I believe it’s a pretty good guess. They’re still very good at what they do though, because I’m made to believe that they didn’t guess, that they really knew.

One particular occasion, my wife and I woke on Easter morning to get ready for the day. We normally spend Easter with family at my brother’s house and enjoy watching the kids hunt for eggs. This particular morning we were very surprised to see three inches of snow on the ground. I’m sure the meteorologist was surprised too after they guessed it would be a perfect day for hunting eggs. But, to my disbelief, the snow was gone by ten o’clock and the spring weather was back, just in time to hunt those eggs. And yes, it was a beautiful day. I said I was sorry to my meteorologist. Not really, just in my mind I did. It did make me feel better, for a little while.

Today I walked outside and welcomed the cool air as it touched my face. The first thing that crossed my mind was getting the fireplace ready. The second thing was a bowl of chili. After that, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and a good game of football.

I hope your Thanksgiving is blessed and your holiday season is filled with love.

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