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Happy Birthday indeed.

Another year has passed, and here I am again on my birthday. I've always enjoyed my birthday, never had a problem with it. There are a lot of people out there who seem to have this sickening feeling when it shows up on their calendar. They can't stand it; they dread it. In fact, many try to avoid reminding any of their friends, well the ones that don't know them very well and probably forgot. I've never been that way. I enjoy it and look forward to it. I guess I'm still a kid at heart and probably always will be. Even though the numbers are increasing, my mind stays pleasant and accepting. Me? I just keeping rolling with the flow and look forward to the next day.

The only thing I usually get stumped on are the presents. Every year it's the same thing, 'What do you want?' 'What would you like?' Whether it's my mother or my wife, these are the questions that I tend to only have ridiculous answer for, which I feel a lot of people do. I always ask for a Ferrari. Well, why not? They're asking. I think I remember getting a Hot Wheel version one year. Hey, I was getting closer. I never know what to ask for. There's always electronics, that's my thing. If it's new technology for my phone, music, whatever, I'm all over it. But even those gifts are getting pricy and it's hard to expect someone to buy them. I seriously don't even think that the people buying for you really want to know what you want, just because of how much it may cost. Now, I'm not including your significant other or parent in this example. They usually do what they can or split something together if they find something really special they want you to have. Did you catch that? It's not necessarily what you want either, but it could be something you need to have and you just didn't ask for it. They bought it for you.

I was very lucky this year and excited about my present. I really didn't expect much and figured it would be the typical clothes birthday. I've always insisted that I get some sort of 'toy'. This type of gift usually takes the pain anyway after receiving the clothes. That's what I like to call gifts that "reek Matt". Meaning, any gift that I would just be drooling over, technology or music... (Ferrari). So anyway, my 'toy' this year was incredible. My wife and mother surprised me with the Apple Watch. I knew I was going to want one as soon as the announcement was made. Now I know there's a lot of anti-Apple people out there, but just calm your jets for a moment, it's my birthday and I'll brag if I want to. Anyway, I'm very thankful and still can't believe I have it, very cool. As I get older, there really isn't anything specifically that I just have to have. Well... there are several things I want, 'toys', but do I need them? The most important question is: 'Can I afford it?' No! Not everyone can afford a Ferrari. Really? Oh sure, I'd take it, but I don't want to buy it. Would I actually keep it if I could buy it? I don't know, maybe not. It is cheaper to just rent one for a little while and drive the hell out of it, and walk away. This is exactly what happened one Christmas a couple of years back.

My wife had bought me the deal of a lifetime. It was the best surprise. She had paid for me to be able to drive a Ferrari 599 for an hour. I think my eyes started to bulge the closer we got to the place. When we arrived, I met up with the guy that would ride along with me. He sat shotgun while showing me the bells and whistles, then off we went. It was a predetermined route throughout the city, however there were a couple of places where I was free to drive like I wanted. Oh yeah, it was awesome. Afterwards, I climbed right back into my hail-damaged Hyundai and drove off, rickety, rickety, rickety. I am very thankful this year, not only for my 'toy' (thanks Kim and mom, love you both) but just to still be breathing. If there's anything inparticular that I think about more than I used to as a younger man, it's how fragile we really are. You never know how your day will lay out. Make the most of each day and truly be thankful. Stop worrying about tomorrow or you'll miss your life right in front of you. MG

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